The Preston Ramp is a temporary access ramp which gives the public access to any public area or to give ramp access to your site. A quick and safe solution to move workers, pedestrians, wheelbarrows, forklifts, motor vehicles, trucks across any area short or long. It looks so good you would think it is a permanent ramp. 

Preston superAccess is committed to providing continued innovative solutions to our clients. We have been able to solve many problems so far. Feedback from our clients tells us that our Preston Ramp looks so good they think it is permanent ramp when it is only a temporary ramp to divert the public or workers whilst construction is carried out.

The Preston Ramp can be made to any width or length to suit your requirements. Bridge Ramps, Undercover Ramps with 10kPa roof. It can carry pedestrians through to heavy trucks and machinery.

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